Carpet Cleaning Preparation

At Total Clean Carpet Care, we are dedicated to ensuring your carpets are spotless and revitalized, enhancing the overall freshness of your home. Our renowned proficiency and top-notch service are second to none. By following these preparation guidelines, you can help ensure a smooth and efficient cleaning experience.

Before Carpet Cleaning:

      • Protect Your Belongings: Before our carpet cleaning technicians arrive, kindly removeCarpet Cleaning Preparationfragile items like lamps, photos, and decorative vases. Shift smaller furniture pieces away from the areas slated for cleaning. Heavier items such as sofas, entertainment units, and beds will be navigated around by our team.

      • Vacuuming: Vacuuming before steam cleaning is crucial. While our advanced hot water extraction system is adept at removing water and finer debris like dust and dirt, standard vacuums are more effective for larger debris, such as pet fur or larger dirt particles. If vacuuming isn’t feasible for you, please inform our office beforehand. Note that extra charges may apply.

      • Special Attention Areas: Your familiarity with your Fayetteville home is unparalleled. If there are specific spots or stains, perhaps due to frequent pet mishaps, do inform our technicians or the office staff. For heightened clarity, marking these spots with sticky notes can be beneficial.

      • Safety First: Carpet cleaning machines can be noisy, and the associated hoses and cords might heat up during use. To ensure the safety and comfort of your pets and young ones, consider relocating them to a quieter, more secure section of your home.

    After Carpet Cleaning:

        • Drying: Post-cleaning, your carpets will remain slightly damp. Drying durations can vary, usually ranging from 5-24 hours, influenced by external conditions. For quicker drying, activate ceiling fans in the cleaned areas and adjust your thermostat’s fan setting to “ON”, keeping the temperature between 68°F and 80°F.

      For Tile Floor Cleaning:

          • Preparation: Just like carpets, ensure that any breakable items are removed from the cleaning zone. Shift light furniture to uncover the entire floor area. Post-cleaning, let the floors dry for at least two hours before stepping on them. Take caution, as they might be slippery during the drying phase.

        Payment Methods:

        Total Clean Carpet Care is happy to accept cash, credit cards, money orders, and personal checks. Payment should be made upon completion of the cleaning procedure.

        Our team of skilled and seasoned technicians eagerly awaits the opportunity to transform your floors. For any queries about booking a session or any upcoming appointment details, do not hesitate to contact our office at (910) 600-6598. Serving you is our utmost privilege.